You Can Protect Yourself From Fallout Radiation


The National Academy of Sciences concluded: “Adequate shielding is the only effective means of preventing radiation casualties.”

You Can Protect Yourself From Fallout Radiation

Any mass of material between you and the fallout will cut down the amount of radiation that reaches you. Sufficient mass will make you safe. Concrete or bricks, earth or sand are some of the materials heavy enough to afford protection by absorbing radiation. There is about the same amount of shielding in eight inches of concrete, for instance, as in twelve inches of earth, sixteen inches of books or thirty inches of wood. In most of the country, everywhere except in areas hit by the heaviest fallout, these thicknesses would give ample protection for a basement shelter.


Why Prepare A Shelter Now?

Fallout can threaten more people than a blast and heat in a nuclear attack. We do not want a war. But we do not know whether there will be a war. But we know that forces hostile to us possess weapons that could destroy us if we were unready. These weapons create a new threat-radioactive fallout that can spread death anywhere. That is why we must prepare. No matter where you live a fallout shelter is necessary insurance. It will not be needed except in emergency. But in emergency it will be priceless- as priceless as your life.

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