Penguin on Tricycle


     Penguin on Tricycle                                                                                                14″x11″ oil on panel



Robot                                                                                                                              14″x11″ oil on panel

In the studio:


Mythology is a system of images that endows the mind and the sentiments with a sense of participation in a field of meaning. The different mythologies define the possible meanings of a person’s experience in terms of the knowledge of the historical period,  as well as the psychological impact of this knowledge diffused through sociological structures on the complex and psychosomatic system known as the human being. – Joseph Campbell


Detail of  “Birth of Enlightenment ”78” x 36” acrylic and oil on canvas © 2010 Michael Arcieri

A tedious painting technique that when viewed, the painting disorientates the optic nerve creating a sensation of vertigo or similar effect; for instance excessive alcohol consumption or substance abuse.